We follow a quality oriented approach while manufacturing our range of products. Designed as per the industry standard, all of the boxes are regularly tested on many parameters and delivered with full quality compliance.

Cobb Tester

Measures the water absorption capacity of the paper. This test helps to keep a check on how the product would react when exposed to a wet atmosphere.

Bursting Strength Tester

Used to measure the bursting strength of single and double wall corrugated materials. This will ensure that the box or carton will not rip or explode due to the weight of the object that is placed within it.


Edge Crush/ Ring Crush Tester

Determines the edgewise compression strength parallel to the flutes of a short column of corrugated material. Damage to the edges of the box is kept under check when compressive loads occur on the boxes. There is a tendency for the box to rip from the edges when extreme load is placed on the box.


Box Compression Tester

Measures the resistance to compressive forces (top to bottom). In most industrial scenarios multiple boxes are stacked one over the other. In these cases the box at the bottom will be subject to extreme compressive loads. The box must not give away even under these circumstances.


ll of the checks and tests performed are done so to ensure that the status and quality of the goods are not compromised in any way.

Our fully equipped lab manned by highly qualified staff ensure the quality of incoming raw material and of the finished products. We do undertake quality testing at different stages of production to ensure defect free products to our customers.


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